Thanks for the additions. I love your meals and plan to buy off your web page. Beats military MRE's to death. Finally, a MRE that's edible. Aaron

I received the new range Heatermeals this morning - many thanks, it is much appreciated. My son enjoyed the chorizo meal on his Bronze D of E expedition and plans to use them on his Silver too. Thanks again from a satisfied customer

James Cracknell of "spirit of EDF Engergy" that came 1st in their class in the Atlantic Rowing Race.

I am a professional firefighter involved in water and ice rescue and we train in areas that are remote from restaurants and storers. Besides the fact that breaking down our equipment and setting it back up again for lunch is a waste of precious training time, we would lose a lot of time travelling to find a place to eat. Your HeaterMeals make it real easy to have a good hot lunch when we need it most.

HeaterMeals are great for the guys out snow-ploughing the roads who can't get to a restaurant for lunch or when they are working all night and no place is open due to bad weather. Everything you need is in the box. HOW GREAT! Thanks for a great product.

I've tried the HeaterMeals in a shelter for about 1200 people. We were able to feed all of the people in the shelter a hot meal within a few minutes. The meals are tasty and easy to prepare. Also, for the 200 or so "special care" people there, the meals were easily transportable and easy to serve. We all benefited from HeaterMeals.

I purchased the HeaterMeals for my husband after reading an advertisement about them on one of my Fishing Email Newsletters. I was extremely pleased with the meal and it was nice and warm! I highly recommend these meals for all Fishermen and Outdoorsmen. Thank you HeaterMeals

Thanks for a terrific meal! I had the opportunity to try a HeaterMeal during the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel. The wonderful American Red Cross handed out this product... the meal packs hit the spot! Ample servings, easy to prepare, and everything to make it quite enjoyable. A BIG THANK YOU to each and every member of HeaterMeals for a great product and for introducing the product.

These meals are great for hiking and camping. It's good to be able to eat a hot meal while outdoors without having to carry pots and pans, or having to start a fire.

A meal that requires no refrigeration and heats itself. That sounds great, I thought, as I hurriedly packed my sack for a 2-day trip into remotest Scotland - now I can ditch the stove!

I am a lorry driver and I love HeaterMeals, they save time and money and taste great.

Well, tell whoever thought of HeaterMeals that they are a genius!! My husband and I are long haul lorry drivers and HeaterMeals are a life saver!! The obvious use is for when we are not near or cannot find a truck stop or restaurant that we can get to. Now we can have a hot meal too!!! Thanks so much for HM.

My name is Mitchel and I work repairing roofs, that is tiling them. When I go up on these roof tops, depending on how high, I take me my Heatermeals dinner with me. No matter how cold it is or windy, when I stop for lunch it great to be able to have a hot dinner without having to use a cooker, as it would be very difficult to get a cooker up on a roof! I have got to say Heatermeals are very tasty and filling and I have tried them all. My workmates think they are great too. Many thanks, Mitchel.

I find it difficult to fault Heater Meals'. I've tested it to destruction in the most extreme environment on the planet and it passed with flying colours.

If I do something similar I will take Heater Meals with me – they certainly are easier and tastier than the other options on the market!

"I tried one of your meals (chicken and herb dumplings) whilst rallying in Scotland last week. What have I been missing out on! First class alternative to soup and sandwiches. A real find. Thank you very much! I'm passing the word around my colleagues."

Been mountain walking in Scotland and after a long day, cold and tired, all we wanted was a HOT meal. HeaterMeals were fantastic and the perfect answer”

A UK Rescue Worker gave me a Heater Meals UK Steak & Vegetables when I was with FEMA after the Tsunami in Japan. It is fabulous, I want to buy some, how do I get them in the USA?

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