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29-10-2012 08:41
Brilliant. Just brilliant. A complete hot meal in one packet. No need for water (there is a sachet included) No need for a stove. Simple to use, you just remove outer packaging put the meal bag, along with the water from the sachet, into the bag containing the heating pad and leave it for 10-15 minutes. You can then get on with walking, setting up camp, or just admiring the view. At 5.50 a meal, definitely an expensive single source of sustenance ( I still always carry a stove) but ideal as eme
Good idea!
29-10-2012 08:39
easy to prepare meal. Reviewed By janet, 28 Aug 2011 great idea,no need for water,eat & use package as body warmer when empty.
Ambulance user
02-10-2012 06:51
Great food in emergency Reviewed By George, 06 Jan 2012 Used it on an ambulance shift at New Year when other food places were closed. Good filling food for active and unsocial shifts.
Tom Cruise Movie
01-09-2012 11:17
Great News! Heater Meals will be in his new film for release next year. Remember Heater Meals are always #1
More Satisfaction!
02-08-2012 09:02
Thanks for the additions. I love your meals and plan to buy off your web page. Beats military MRE's to death. Finally, a MRE that's edible.- Aaron
Another satisfied Customer
01-08-2012 11:04
I received the new range Heatermeals this morning - many thanks, it is much appreciated. My son enjoyed the chorizo meal on his Bronze D of E expedition and plans to use them on his Silver too. Thanks again from a satisfied customer
Shipping Charges Reduced
31-07-2012 11:03
Great News! Shipping costs have been reduced. Now when you purchase more than one six meal pack additional cost is only 1!
Heater Meals new Range of delicious meals is now available
05-07-2012 17:01
Have a look at our new range of exciting and improved quality meals. They are all Self-Heating and the new range will cater for most tastes. NEW RANGE - NEW PACKAGING - NEW EASIER TO USE POUCHES - - TRY THEM - you will be IMPRESSED!
GREAT NEWS - "STUFF" Magazine Votes Heater Meals in the TOP TEN Camping Gadgets
05-07-2012 16:30
"Of course, there will be times when you want to dispense with the culinary gymnastics and cosy up in your tent. If you're feeling lazy,then these tasty treats cook themselves in just ten minutes and stay warm for 40 more. Not convinced? The US Army got through 28 million of these self-heating meals in 1998 alone. That's good enough for us."
Heater Meals contain No Metal Parts - So no Rusting!
28-02-2012 16:52
As Heater Meals are supplied in a plastic pouch and not a metal can, there is nothing that can rust. Even if it is DAMP or SALTY or whatever are the conditions.
Heater Meals, Self Heating meals provide hot food in 10 minutes, great for all Truckers!
16-05-2011 00:33
Long Distance truck drivers report "very impressed with heatermeals"! Especially when caught in bad weather in hold-ups on the MotorWays. Easy to store, easy to use, delicious and great value for money! Whether the weather is sunny or snowy, you never know when you will be stuck for hours on the Motorways. I can see this really catching on with ALL Motorway Drivers
Heatermeals are perfect for extreme sports fans
16-05-2011 00:26
Whether you are Climbing Mount Everest, Transatlantic Rowing, Competing in the Marathon des Sables across the Sahara, Trekking to the North or South Poles, Orienteering, even Pot Holing, or just out in the Countryside, Heater Meals are ideal way to enjoy a HOT Meal in just minutes. Sportsmen & Women participating in all these events have confirmed just how successful Heater Meals were in providing nutritious, hot food, FAST just when it was needed most. Heater Meals are both lightweight and comp


HeaterMeals are also ideal for use in an emergency situation such as power cuts, floods, snow and are used by:

Emergency Planning Units of Local Authorities Fire Services & Fire Fighters Back-Up hot meals for hospitals Nursing homes
Schools Police forces Emergency response teams The Salvation Army emergency support services The Red Cross
Ministry of Defence Flood defence workers Motorway maintenance workers Mountain Rescue teams
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