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HeaterMeals providing hot delicious food to the emergency services and the armed forces

No stove, no water, no power, no problem

HeaterMeals self heater meals go anywhere, require no refrigeration & heat themselves, in the packet. Patented heating technology and traditional home-style cooking ensure a nutritious and delicious meal, right where you're standing, be it in a field, on a boat or on top of a mountain!

Whether you enjoy fishing, rambling, camping, climbing or any other outdoor pursuit, there comes a point when all you want is a piping hot tasty meal. HeaterMeals are self heating meals that can be taken anywhere, require no refrigeration, heat themselves and have a storage life of up to 5 years.

Emergency services please contact us direct on 0191 2130304 or click here to send us an email

HeaterMeals, the ORIGINAL Emergency Self-Heating meal, using TrueTech Patented technology are now available here in the UK.

Over the last 15 years this technology, has heated 800 million meals worldwide. HeaterMeals have a 100% record for reliability, are compact, lightweight, and easier to carry. Whilst ideal for the Emergency Services, HeaterMeals are also available to the public for use in Emergencies.

HeaterMeals provide HOT food wherever required and are UK produced under the famous Crosse & Blackwell label. We also supply Halal, Vegetarian & Kosher dishes. 

No bulky box or heavy metal can with HeaterMeals

Heater Meals are both Lightweight and Slimline, anyone can easily carry a number of Self-Heating Heater Meals in either pockets or inside a blouse type jacket.

Weighing only 400 grams (approx weight) a complete Heater Meals is only 22 x 19 cms and is only 3 cms thick!

No Bulky Box or Heavy Metal Can is involved and the Patented Self-Heater is fully approved by the UK Authorities.

Heater Meals news items - please click here for the archives
29-10-2012 08:41
Brilliant. Just brilliant. A complete hot meal in one packet. No need for water (there is a sachet included) No need for a stove. Simple to use, you just remove outer packaging put the meal bag, along with the water from the sachet, into the bag containing the heating pad and leave it for 10-15 minutes. You can then get on with walking, setting up camp, or just admiring the view. At 5.50 a meal, definitely an expensive single source of sustenance ( I still always carry a stove) but ideal as eme
Good idea!
29-10-2012 08:39
easy to prepare meal. Reviewed By janet, 28 Aug 2011 great idea,no need for water,eat & use package as body warmer when empty.
Ambulance user
02-10-2012 06:51
Great food in emergency Reviewed By George, 06 Jan 2012 Used it on an ambulance shift at New Year when other food places were closed. Good filling food for active and unsocial shifts.
Tom Cruise Movie
01-09-2012 11:17
Great News! Heater Meals will be in his new film for release next year. Remember Heater Meals are always #1

UK Match Angler.com have great things to say about our HeaterMeals

As part of the ‘bivvy banquetting’ series featured on UK Match Angler, I thought I’d have a look at these offerings prepared by Crosse & Blackwell, supplied by www.heatermeals.co.uk.

Obviously, there is no need to carry a stove, burner or heat source of any kind; the food has an extremely long shelf life, suitable to throw in the car or van and forget about until really needed, it provides hot food in potentially dangerous weather conditions and the used generator can serve as a hand or body warmer when cooking is complete! There are many varieties available, so I’ve picked just one to investigate.....

www.heatermeals.co.uk has a comprehensive range of ready meals on their website, including vegetarian and halal options to cater for every option; today I’ve sampled the Beef Ravioli in Mushroom gravy.
Supplied in a handy pack with a spoon and instructions, it’s a simple way to get hot food quickly. Opening the packaging reveals a pouch of food, a small ‘bag’ of saline solution and the sleeve containing the chemical generator. The basic premise is that the food is placed in the sleeve with the generator, and the saline solution added before the whole thing is sealed for 10-12 minutes to heat up as the chemical reaction is initiated. Once the required time has elapsed, the meal pouch is removed and the top torn open to allow access to the food within; simple. Be warned though, these do get very hot!

The picture on the front of Beef Ravioli  bore no resemblance to my meal as the company choose to use a generic food image, so don’t be too surprised! Once prepared, the food was very tasty, didn’t leak from the container, and had plenty of sauce, so wasn’t dry in any way. Many of the self heating meals from other brands can suffer uneven heating if not placed on a flat surface, but this was completely hot throughout and took exactly the time stated to be ready. In colder weather, users are advised to leave for a couple of extra minutes, but even extremely low temperatures do not affect the preparation of heatermeals.

They are an excellent option for a standby meal when you forget to fuel your stove or run out of gas!

Article by Clint Walker

About our meals

Great tasting, nutritious meals

Carefully prepared, your meal is fresh and ready to just heat and eat without refrigeration. The high quality of our well chosen and nutritious ingredients is retained. All the recipes have been carefully chosen to be nutritionally balanced and are mostly suitable for people of all ages in survival situations.

Heater meals and the Great outdoors

With such proven success for emergency services and the military, it is easy to see why HeaterMeals are also very popular with people who like the outdoor life. They are ideal for leisure and pleasure trips and working outdoors, where you want to avoid carrying equipment or if you just want a highly convenient way to make a meal. They are also essential for more adventurous treks into the unknown, especially where the weather is unpredictable and the location remote.

What are the benefits of HeaterMeals?
Require only ambient storage (No refrigeration needed).
HeaterMeals are reasonably priced and can be safely stored for a minimum of 5 years.
The HeaterMeals range caters for special dietary needs as it includes Halal and Vegetarian and Gluten Free options.
HeaterMeals are ideal to keep in Emergency Stores, for use in any situation where normal foods and cooking facilities or catering staff are not available.
The Heating procedure is simple to use. The food tastes good and is suitable for most people.
HeaterMeals are the preferred method of providing Hot Tasty Meals to Emergency & Security Personnel working in circumstances where catering services are unavailable.
Meals come complete; with burst-proof salt-water Sachets to activate the heaters, & cutlery packs.
HeaterMeals are the only Ready-Meals using “Truetech TM” Patented technology. This is used by the MOD, US Military & Emergency Organizations. Heatermeals are used increasingly throughout the UK by Police & Surveillance Teams, Fire & Rescue Services, the MOD and have been approved by the Salvation Army.

HeaterMeals in the media

See how HeaterMeals are prepared. Click the button above to play this demonstration video clip, then to place your order online please click here

Worldwide Endurance Events
Pushing HeaterMeals to the limit
Worldwide Endurance Events include
Atlantic Rowing Race
Sahara Marathon de Sables
North Pole Expedition
Peruvian Andes Ascent
Keilder Forest Orienteering Race
Moroccan Sahara Motor Rallies


HeaterMeals are also ideal for use in an emergency situation such as power cuts, floods, snow and are used by:

Emergency Planning Units of Local Authorities Fire Services & Fire Fighters Back-Up hot meals for hospitals Nursing homes
Schools Police forces Emergency response teams The Salvation Army emergency support services The Red Cross
Ministry of Defence Flood defence workers Motorway maintenance workers Mountain Rescue teams
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